Fizzpix was a group project funded by Cre8iveApple. Fizzpop members assisted with the build which took place over two months. We exhibited it at ElectroMagneticField.

The final piece is displayed in the entrance to Fizzpop Makerspace in Birmingham. It is currently controlled through a web interface hosted on the internal raspberry pi to change the animation.

It has also been on display at ‘Geek Up’ a gaming event at The Midlands Arts Centre, for which it was reprogrammed with a popular block game.

Project Fact : FizzPIX stands 2m high and contains 1800 RGB LEDs.

Fellow Contributers Included:

  • Mo Badir – Canny Robots
  • Simon Baldwin – SoftWare Engeneer
  • Dani Papamiaximou – Data Scientist
  • Stuart Pearson – Asptech
  • SteamHouse

Project Fact : FizzPIX used 3.5m2 of acrylic in its construction.