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One Off Pieces and Art Instalations Combining electronics with creative forms, we can produce the interactive artifact that you are looking for. Prototyping All aspects from design to realisation. Workshops and Education As a qualified Computer Science teacher Sam is… Continue Reading →

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Chris is an engineer with a background in mechanical design and manufacture. With an interest in all things mechanical and electronic. Sam has a background in Computing and Education. A lifelong passion for taking things apart and putting them back… Continue Reading →

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Socials Twitter – @Cre8iveApple Instagram – @sam_chris_cre8iveapple Contacts Email – chris_sam@cre8iveapple.co.uk Phone – 07396 519917 We are based around the Birmingham Area. Quotes are given on a project by project basis. Please let us know your requirements and we will be happy… Continue Reading →

Girls That Geek

Resin Badges made with FizzPop for #Girlsthatgeek at the Midlands Arts Center


The Appleby is a small robot which contains a servo, a speaker and 2 RGB LED’s. It has been built in response to wanting to offer my pupils a single project that they could be used to learn about programming… Continue Reading →

Escape Room Props

Chris is a partner in the escape room supply company highvoltagefun . Since 2017 HVF have been supplying escape rooms and props to the industry with notable projects including : The Official Peaky Blinders escape rooms in Birmingham- technical design… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Print

Raspberry Print is a web enabled thermal receipt printer. When it is switched on messages can be printed from the website below. It is used in class as an alternitive method of giving feedback. http://cre8iveapple.co.uk/RaspberryPrint/


Fizzpix was a group project funded by Cre8iveApple. Fizzpop members assisted with the build which took place over two months. We exhibited it at ElectroMagneticField. The final piece is displayed in the entrance to Fizzpop Makerspace in Birmingham. It is… Continue Reading →

Live and Let Pi

Pioneers Project Autumn 2017 So my Pioneers have worked very hard on their project.  I have been trying to mentor rather than teach, guiding them in the right direction and offering support (but not the answers) when they needed it. … Continue Reading →

Scream If You Want to Go Faster – Ludic Rooms

‘Scream if you want to go Faster’ was commissioned by Ludic rooms for their Open Citizens programme as part of Coventry City’s successful bid for ‘UK City of Culture 2021’. Open Citizens programme of activity by Ludic Rooms explored how… Continue Reading →

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